A clashfinder is a printable timetable for an event where there are several venues, like a music festival. They're called 'clashfinders' because they're designed to show you which acts are on at the same time and so 'clash'.

You can highlight acts you're interested in seeing. To highlight an act, click it (Javascript required). You can use four different highlight colours. Click the plus button in the highlight group box to change colour.

To view the act list in alphabetical order and for more customisation options, click the "Customise" menu item.

If you want to clear your customisation, click the "Clear" menu item.

The simplest way of highlighting your favourite acts is by clicking on them on the clashfinder. Click once to set a highlight, click again to remove it.

If an act appears several times on the clashfinder, only the act you clicked on will be highlighted. To highlight all occurences of the act, set the selector in the Controls hover box to Highlight All.

You can also highlight acts by clicking Customise and then the Highlight Acts tab. Any acts highlighted this way will have all their occurences highlighted. In this control, you can assign labels to your highlight groups. If you set labels, a key will be printed at the bottom of each page.

If you've set highlights on your clashfinder and you want to be able to retrieve them at a later date, click the save button.

The next time you visit the site, your highlights will be restored. You can manually restore your highlights at any time be clicking Restore.

If you don't save your clashfinder, it will be saved automatically. Once you've clicked Save, the clashfinder won't be saved automatically because you've demonstrated that you know where the save button is.