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Reading Festival 2013 Clashfinder

This is my clashfinder for Reading Festival 2013. If you like it or notice a mistake, please leave a comment below.


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Guest - Muppetmark2013-07-04 23:53

Knife party won't play that early due to their sw4 commitments.

also think Magnetic man will play at the same time as eminem

olicoley2013-08-10 12:34

Really good so far, keep it up! but if possible, could you at some point add the alternative stage as well? cheers

Guest - Nekroman2013-08-19 19:51

Sharks aren't playing anymore.

captainricebox2013-08-20 08:26

I wouldn't have thought Quicksand would clash with Deftones, seeing as I'm pretty sure Sergio Vega plays bass for both bands

Guest - hannahK2013-08-20 10:55

iggy isnt playing anymore!!

Guest - Joel_M932013-08-20 15:17

Skrillex isn't playing anymore.

Guest - G2013-08-20 18:07
Joel_M93 said:

Skrillex isn't playing anymore.

According to?

CyDaly2013-08-20 19:48
hannahK said:

iggy isnt playing anymore!!

Iggy has only pulled out of Leeds Festival...

captainricebox2013-08-22 10:50

The Computers and Quicksand have switched places.

halvin2013-08-22 14:19

Message from Festival Republic: "can you update with times from the website, please."

I'm not sure if that was directed at this clashfinder or any of the others but can you check the official site and update as appropriate. Ta. 🙂