OK, so this site has grown massively in popularity over the years, which is good. Very good, in fact. But it means that my hosting fees have jumped up significantly, which is slightly less good. I'd like to keep the site ad-free for as long as possible so, if you've used a clashfinder recently and would like to help keep the site running, please use the paypal buttons below.

Please only donate what you feel is affordable and appropriate for the clashfinders you've used recently. :)

As a bonus, anyone who donates £1 or more will be upgraded to a premium account, which gives you access to processor-heavy features. £5 (€6, $8) will get you a year of premium membership.

Premium benefits include:

  • Act popularity indicators on mobile — these use other people's highlights to predict how busy acts will be.
  • Access to the visitor statistics for all public clashfinders.
  • Increased options for the email notifications when a clashfinder is updated.
  • View your highlight & customisation save history for any clashfinder, allowing you to roll back to a previous set of highlights.
  • Build much longer Spotify playlists.

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