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29/04/2008 Rev A: Start times have been taken from last year and could be quite inaccurate -- you have been warned. I've only included the main stages because they're the most likely to be correct. I tried doing the dance village but ended up doing a laughable amount of guesswork.

15/05/2008 Rev B: Dance stages included. Red borders are firm times, grey are guesses.

29/05/2008 Rev C: With Dance East, West and Lounge.

05/06/2008 Rev D: Improved times for Pyramid, Other and Jazz World.

16/06/2008 Rev E: Added times for Croissant Neuf, Pussy Parlure, Silent World, Igloo, G Stage, Guardian Lounge and El Rhythmo. Phew!

16/06/2008 Rev F: Added Late n Live. Sorted out the Queens Head -- the published lineup is upside-down. Oops! The Queens Head is in red now because I'm reasonably confident in the times, even though they haven't been published. Rev F is likely to be the penultimate version. I expect to upload the final version on Thursday night so you can print it at work on Friday.

21/06/2008 Rev G: Sorry it's late, paid-work got in the way. Improved times for the main stages. John Peel and the Park are still pretty shabby but that's as good as they'll get. This will be the final version, barring any good quality info coming out.

21/06/2008 Rev H: Some good quality info came out for Pyramid, Other, Jazz World, John Peel and The Park. Hooray! Look at the all the lovely red borders!

See y'all in a field