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Glastonbury 2007 Clashfinder


Covers 18 stages from Thursday to Sunday. Note that it's not 'full' in that it covers everything going on at the festival, it just covers all the information I've got at this time. Spread over four sides of A4 and won't fit very well into one of the Guardian guides.


This is the cut down timetable designed to fit into one of the Guardian guides (except the bastards will probably change the size of them this year ).

One word of warning: the information came from the Guardian website. If they've got it wrong, I've got it wrong and they frequently get things wrong.

Compact clashfinder instructions

I'm sure you don't need them - it's really obvious.

1. Take one freshly printed pdf.

2. Trim the edges.

3. Fold along the long dotted lines.

4. Fold along short dotted lines.

5. Take one Guardian guide. Remove and keep the guide - it's got lots of useful information in.

6. Fit the new guide into the plastic wallet.

7. Place around neck.
8. Enjoy Glastonbury.

As I've done it, it's showing Friday morning. By changing the way it's folded you can show any time from Friday to Sunday.

An honourable mention should go to the original Clashfinder, without whom I'd have spent the last few days playing outside in the sun.

See you all at the festival,