Free, printable event timetables

A clashfinder is a free, printable timetable for an event like a music festival or conference

Clashfinders are created by the community for the community

Find a clashfinder for an event by searching
the clashfinder list

If you can't find a clashfinder for your event, you can
create your own

(You'll need the line-up, though)

Recent Updates

Editing Locks

26th June 2020

Clashfinders can now only have one person editing at a time. If you try to edit a clashfinder that is already being edited by someone else, you will be put in a queue until that person has finished. There may be a delay of a minute or two before the lock is released.

This is to overcome a problem where two people submitting edits at the same time would overwrite each other's changes.

An inactivity timeout has been added to the edit page in case someone opens it and walks away, which will lock everyone else out of editing. The length of timeout varies depending on whether changes have been made (longer timout) or there's someone waiting in the queue (shorter timout). You will get a warning at the top of the page when there are less 5 minutes remaining on the timer.

Spotify Playlists

13th April 2019

You can now build a Spotify playlist from the acts on a clashfinder.

Go to the clashfinder and select Data > Build Spotify Playlist.

On mobile it's Gear Icon > Spotify Playlist.

You have to be logged in to a clashfinder account for the menu options to appear. If you don't have an account, it's free and easy to create one (click here).

Site Facelift

5th December 2018

It was long overdue but I've fianlly given this site a little facelift to make it more usable on modern screens. Fonts are larger, icons are higher resolution. It looks better on my screen; I hope it looks better on yours.

I know it's been a long time since anything has been posted here but there have been lots of minor tweaks since 2015. Some ought to have been mentioned here but when you've got no time, this is the first thing that gets dropped :(.

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