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View the Leeds Festival 2011 clashfinder.

View the Leeds Festival 2011 line-up.

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Name: lf11

Owner: Paul Dickenson

Created: 2011-06-14 04:02

Last Update: 2011-08-23 13:30

Updates: 26

Print Advisory: 1 - Have at it!

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Leeds Festival 2011 Clashfinder

Clash Finder for Leeds Festival 2011.

Times are updated to match official stage times.

Enjoy your Leeds Festival, guys!!


dirtymookie07:47 11th Aug 2011 

Any idea when the next update will be? cheers

rach17:00 21st Aug 2011 

anybody got a revised copy of this yet, as this one needs updating. thanks

anon21:01 21st Aug 2011 

This clashfinder has updated times.

CR21:26 21st Aug 2011 

Is it just me or have Bombay Bicycle Club vanished?

dan23:52 21st Aug 2011 

And the alternative stage has gone :/ ??

She Bangs the Drums07:10 22nd Aug 2011 

The times can be found here:

It would be good if we could update this Halvin?

halvin07:32 22nd Aug 2011 

She Bangs the Drums said:

The times can be found here:

It would be good if we could update this Halvin?

It's Paul's clashfinder so I ought to give him a chance to update it first.

She Bangs the Drums07:59 22nd Aug 2011 

Fair enough Halvin, thanks again for your amazing site!

James15:06 22nd Aug 2011 

How come reading is saying "have it" but the leeds one has not been updated yet?

Paul Dickenson13:33 23rd Aug 2011 

The Clashfinder is fully updated with all the acts on and all the offical stage times.

Enjoy your Leeds Festival, guys!

Craig (Rochdale)11:04 24th Aug 2011 

Great spreadsheet. Thanks very much!

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