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Last Update: 2014-05-12 13:15

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Thank you

A massive, massive thank you to all the people who donated to the clashfinder fund. It's appreciated more than you'd believe. I'm sure you're all dying to know what the final present was -- Mrs H has got/will get a bottle of champagne, a bunch of flowers, a pair of shoes and a hair cut. After all that lot there ought to be enough for a new dress too. Aren't you just a lovely bunch of people.

Thank you also to all the people that helped by giving me information. Finally, thanks to everyone who took the time to come here and make the clashfinder as popular as it is!

Hope to see y'all next year. Halv. Xx


19/06/2009 Rev I

Just a few little tweaks. Added Guardian Lounge on Thursday, move Blur's start to 21:50, fiddled with a few end times and changed Teddy Thompson to Glenn Tilbrook on Avalon Sunday. And I've just noticed that I've killed the hour ticks at the top. Can't be bothered to change it now.

18/06/2009 Rev H

Added Croissant Neuf and Rubbish Doll House.

16/06/2009 Rev G

Added Cabaret and Avalon Café. Firmed up times for the Queens Head on Thursday.

14/06/2009 Rev F

Lots and lots of lovely red boxes. I'm currently only missing times for the Queens Head on Thursday and the Guardian Lounge.

10/06/2009 Rev E

Times for the Dance Village firmed up.

05/05/2009 Rev D

Mostly format changes. Speakers Forum added, some times tweaked.

03/06/2009 Rev C

A little tinkering. Added Dance Lounge, G Stage, Pussy Parlure, Guardian Lounge and Cinema. Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

29/05/2009 Rev B

A slightly better rough draft. A few stages have published their times, which helps a lot!.

26/05/2009 Rev A

A very rough first draft. When I get the chance I'll go through last year's line-up and see if I can refine things a little.

The clashfinder normally gets much more accurate in the few days before the festival so if you're going to print it to take with you it's worth waiting as long as you can before doing so.