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Name: bestival17

Owner: oflahep

Created: 2017-08-08 15:10

Last Update: 19 days ago

Updates: 50

Print Advisory: 5 - Don't even think about it

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Bestival 2017 Clashfinder

This is my clashfinder for Bestival 2017. If you like it or notice a mistake, please leave a comment below.


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Timezone: Europe/London


Guest - 123452017-08-10 15:26

This is totally wrong!

halvin2017-08-10 15:41

From the big red banner at the top of the clashfinder page:

"This clashfinder has been marked by its creator as UNMITIGATED HORSESHIT and should only be viewed using fleeting glances out of the corner of your eye."


Guest - Dani2017-09-05 17:40

DJ Yoda confirmed his set as 1am Sunday at The Box: