Free, printable event timetables

A clashfinder is a free, printable timetable for an event like a music festival or conference.

Clashfinders are created by the community for the community.

Find a clashfinder for an event by searching.

If you can't find a clashfinder for your event, you can create your own.

(You'll need the line-up, though.)

Site News

How to Make a Popular Clashfinder

10th November 2015

There are a few simple steps to ensuring that as many people as possible use your clashfinder:

  1. Create your clashfinder early. It doesn't matter if you don't have much information at this point — just fill in what you know. Create a clashfinder here.
  2. Request core status for your clashfinder by clicking the Core Clashfinder tab on the edit page. Only one clashfinder for each festival gets core status. Check whether one already exists here; core clashfinders are starred.
  3. Come back later and fill in the details when they become available.

Premium User Accounts

1st June 2015

In the course of adding features to this site, I occasionally have to drop ideas because they're too processor-heavy and will cost to much in hosting fees. Obviously this isn't fair on the people who donate and pay for the hosting fees.

Anyone who donates at least 50p (0.50 GBP) will now get their user account upgraded to a premium account, which will allow access to the processor-heavy features as and when they get dreamed up. The first premium feature is access to the statistics for any clashfinder. The statistics page will tell you the visit counts, the number of edits made by each editor, the web referral pages and the number of times each act has been highlighted.

To access a stats page, visit a clashfinder and click Premium > Visitor Stats.

If you're thinking of donating, create a user account first because the premium status will be linked to that user account.

The premium status will last for one day for every penny (0.01 GBP) donated. You have to donate a minimum of 50p because below that PayPal keep a big share of the donation. Donations will stack — if you donate £1 twice in quick succession, you'll get have premium status for 200 days.

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